Clinical - An Emerging Paradigm Shift in Treatment (Part 1)
Date & Time
Tuesday, April 7, 2020, 10:15 AM - 11:30 AM
Gregory Fisher

Recover You was developed by Gregory Fisher from his own personal experience and exploration to help his clients discover their unique, core self within. The program helps connect individuals to the true one inside, who is connected to a greater truth and is nothing less than whole, complete and perfect. That genuine self has always been present, but buried under years and layers of conditioning, expectation and judgment which often has led to behavioral health issues. The program examines and brings into integrity six primary life areas: Environment, Relationships, Behavioral Health, Physical Health, Work and Finances. Each are examined from a spiritual perspective and stripped of anything that is not genuine. Clients then create the life they were always intended to have—a life that emerges naturally. Recover You directs clients not so much to find who they are, but, instead, to remove all who they are not. This insight inspires all that Gregory and his clients do together to recover their highest and best selves. It's a process that helps them define a spiritual core that inspires real passion and self-worth! And then, they find they are ready to maintain healthy behaviors, vibrant relationships and centered, satisfying, purposeful living!


Objective 1: The presentation will explain the Recover You program and how it relates to a paradigm shift in addressing addiction beginning from a consciousness perspective, which looks for what is right with the client rather than what is wrong.

Objective 2: The presentation will define the interrelationship between the four segments of our being--body, mind, heart and spirit--and how they overlap and effect the addiction and the recovery process.

Objective 3: The presentation will demonstrate how EFT (tapping) is integrated into the recovery process.

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Garden Room
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Breakout Session
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