Full Name
Susan Lake,
Job Title
Facilitator for Spiritual Studies
Susan Lake Productions
Speaker Bio
Susan Lake grew up on the East Coast where she received her BS degree in Arts and Education. As an educator and choreographer she educated artists in the psychological and physical impact of their craft. In 2009, Susan suffered a devastating health condition that would change her career and life forever. Today Susan is a Facilitator of Spiritual Studies, serving addiction centers throughout Southern Ca. Susan speaks at conventions, treatment centers, classroom and retreats. The experience of her own life challenges, and her shift into enlightenment, is the demonstration of how understanding spiritual laws, mindfulness, comes tranquility, awareness, equanimity and insight arise. "In the process of regenerating ourselves, we discover an energy, a Formless Consciousness, that is Indestructable, Fearless and filled with Love. Here is where, and how we begin to live beyond the pain body, and experience the compassionate life."
Susan Lake,