Full Name
Dr. Paul Earley, M.D., DFASAM
Job Title
Earley Consultancy, L.L.C.
Speaker Bio
Dr. Earley has worked in Addiction Medicine for 35 years. He treats all types of addictive disorders and specializes in the assessment, treatment and management of healthcare professionals. As a therapist he works with patients already in recovery, providing long term therapy for those who suffer from this disease. His professional expertise extends to advocacy for professionals before agencies and licensing boards.

Dr. Earley is the Medical Director of the Georgia Professionals Health Program, Inc., the Physicians Health Program (PHP) for the state of Georgia and the President of the North American Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP). Dr. Earley is also the President of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). He is a Distinguished Fellow of ASAM and has served on the board of ASAM for over 18 years in several capacities.

Dr. Earley is the recipient of the ASAM Annual Award in 2015. ASAM describes the award as “For outstanding contributions to the growth and vitality of our Society, for thoughtful leadership in the field, and for deep understanding of the art and science of Addiction Medicine” and “For expanding the frontiers of the field of Addiction Medicine and broadening our understanding of the addictive process, through research and innovation.”
Dr. Paul Earley, M.D., DFASAM