Full Name
Lori Jean Glass
Job Title
PIVOT & The Glass House
Speaker Bio
Lori Jean is an educator, mentor, relationship coach, author and dynamic public speaker offering solutions for people having relationship challenges. She is current, passionate and determined to help others. Lori Jean works diligently to repair and restore relationships – both personal and in the workplace. She is trained interventionist and certified relationship, professional and bereavement coach. She has facilitated trainings to help clinicians see a different perspective when diagnosing and treating process addictions, mood disorders, and everyday relational challenges.

Lori Jean is the CEO and Founder of PIVOT a relational alignment group – www.lovetopivot.com. PIVOT is comprised of certified and trained coaches and therapists who provide high impact solutions for individuals, couples, families and businesses in need of relational change and growth.

Lori Jean is also the founder of The Glass House, which is a retreat facility in Northern California offering deep dives into the PIVOT Process. This is designed for people looking for immediate high impact relationship solutions. Lori Jean has a developed, proven curriculum. She creates and facilitates trainings for audiences to help professionals and individuals see a different perspective when diagnosing and helping people who are struggling in relationships.

Lori Jean’s recent book, #HealthyAdult landed on the Amazon best seller list under psychology reference and is helping people understand attachment wounds.
For more information on LJ, visit http://www.lorijean.com
Lori Jean Glass