Executive Track - Content Saves Lives: Blogs, Alumni Content, & Messaging From The Altruis
Date & Time
Wednesday, April 8, 2020, 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
Julie Katz

Within a sea of digital misinformation where people are drowning in black hat marketing, does your content help or hurt those who are in need? Are you casting people a real life-saver with your online messaging or are you just offering them a self-serving sales pitch at every opportunity? We’re experiencing a changing of the tides in digital strategy. The age of keyword-laden, SEO-“optimized”, robotic, inauthentic, unhelpful content is over.

Jen & Kristen welcome you to the “altruistic plane” where authentic content serves a purpose by serving others, while organically driving more results than traditional SEO-driven content could. In this presentation, they’ll guide you in developing your content strategy and charter you through the choppy waters of content “do’s and don'ts” to show you how your website can be the beacon providing a resource library of hope that saves lives.

Get ready for some truth bombs, mic drops, and a whole new outlook on digital content as they bring their firey passion to the stage.

  • The basics of content                         
  • Why content matters
  • How content attracts Google (How content "works" for you)
  • Authentic content vs. SEO-optimized content
  • In-house content vs. Outsourcing content
Location Name
Windsor Complex
Session Type
Breakout Session
Available for Credit
Not Approved for CEs