Executive/Leadership - BrandOps: How Operations Build Healthy Brands and Why It Matters
Date & Time
Monday, April 6, 2020, 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
Kelly Farrell Shelley Freed

Successful brands earn their keep by promoting the value proposition to focus teams, resonate with current and prospective clients, and differentiate you from competitors. We are going to show you exactly how your inside culture impacts the outside perception of your brand.

Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and work with us in this interactive session, as we demonstrate the powerful connection of Ops to Brand.  Because HOW you deliver products and services matters.

Objective 1:  Demonstrate that your Brand Value Proposition is hiding in HOW you operate.

Objective 2:  Share how we uncover your Value Proposition, make it your competitive advantage, and bring it to life across your organization and in the marketplace.

Objective 3:  Prove, through case studies, that healthy branding is critical to wildly successful organizations.

Location Name
Windsor Complex
Session Type
Breakout Session
Available for Credit
Not Approved for CEs