"The Continuum of Care"
Focused on exploring new and emerging modalities and proven approaches to substance abuse and co-occurring treatment, the Innovations in Recovery conference also highlights breakthroughs in complex mental health disorders and process addictions. The primary goal of IIR is to equip treatment professionals and organizations to effectively meet the needs of specialized clients and demographics, and to inform them of the latest business trends and topics impacting the industry.
For this year’s IIR conference schedule, sessions will be organized into four unique days of content that follow the continuum of care. Each day will focus on a different stage of the patient journey, from detox to extended care and beyond.
Monday, April 6
Point of Entry and Stabilization
For day one of IIR, we’re starting where your patients start. How can we build trust with our communities and help each individual take the first step toward finding the right treatment them? And then how do we ensure that we understand how to offer patients the individualized therapies that can meet their needs?
Tuesday, April 7
Process of Care
After a patient has taken that first step to seek help, it’s time for us to follow through on our promises and deliver the best care possible. So, how can we maintain high ethical standards throughout our work?
Wednesday, April 8
Guidelines and Extended Care
When a patient’s time at your facility ends, their lifetime journey of recovery is just beginning. How can we create ethical, forward-thinking processes that adjust to the current climate and set up patients for long-term success in life?
Thursday, April 9
Closing Keynote
For our final day of IIR 2020, we’re zooming in to focus on how these issues affect the local community and highlight some of the people making a positive impact in Southern California. 


To get an idea of the structure of each day, we have provided an example agenda. Be sure to check back as we're adding in speaker and event details.