Full Name
Linda Woodbury, BA
Job Title
Educational Consultant
Enable-ism: Bridging the Recovery Gap
Speaker Bio
Linda Woodbury has worked in a variety of for-profit and faith-based settings, serving youth and families since 1995. Earning an associate of arts in human services with an emphasis in family services and a BA in human development specifically focused on emerging adulthood, she has a heart to provide families, and those that serve them, with relevant information and practical tools that support lasting recovery as well as leads to eventual maturation. Recognizing the societal shifts that contributed to this newest developmental theory and the defining traits that now characterize adults ages 18-29, Woodbury’s thesis overlaid the theories of emerging adulthood and family systems to address today’s chemically dependent emerging adults who comprise a significant number of today’s treatment population. This knowledge contributed greatly to the book she co-authored with her husband Bill entitled Enable-Ism: Bridging the Recovery Gap Between the Family and the Addict. Acting as instructor and coach in positive, pro-social behavioral management techniques, she has taught evidence-based material in such a way that participants were motivated to make necessary changes while embracing the larger vision of a more peaceful world, whether in a school setting, community-based agency or their own home.
Linda Woodbury, BA