Full Name
Siobhan Morse, MHSA, CRC, CAI, MAC
Job Title
Division Director of Clinical Services
Speaker Bio
Siobhan Morse is currently the director of research and fidelity for Foundations Recovery Network. She holds a master’s degree in health services administration from Florida International University. While at FIU, she participated in a number of research projects, including a National Institute of Mental Health/Mental Health Statistic Improvement Project (NIMH/MHSIP) focusing on the severely and persistently mentally ill, United States Department of Education (USDOE) evaluations and local evaluations of at-risk youth. Morse earned her certification as a clinical research coordinator (CRC) from the Associates of Clinical Pharmacology and has conducted over 100 clinical trials with major pharmaceutical companies investigating new and promising treatments. She also holds her certifications as an ARISE interventionist and as a master addiction counselor. Morse has several current publications in research journals, including indexed PubMed citations.
Siobhan Morse, MHSA, CRC, CAI, MAC