Full Name
Patricia Singh
Job Title
A New Awakening, Inc.
Speaker Bio
Dr. Singh is a doctor of Mind-Body Medicine with a concentration on integrated behavioral health care delivery. Dr. Singh first became interested in Mind Body Medicine while studying under Dr. Deepak Chopra through the Chopra Center. She went on to become a Certified Instructor of Perfect Health through the Chopra Center. Currently Dr. Singh is on a robust speaking circuit delivering innovative and fun lectures to develop holistic and simple practices while living with an person experiencing substance use disorders or those themselves struggling with addiction. It?s her experience that people have a great capacity to change, even after spending years in prison, or years in addiction through holistic healing practices. The capacity for the redemption of the human spirit is extraordinary and Dr. Singh describes feeling honored to have witnessed miracles through the use of mind body medicine. Her vision is that every person who wants to learn to become a responsible, productive member of society has the opportunity and support available to not just themselves but also support the families that also suffer and love. In addition to being a public speaker and author Dr. Singh has an outpatient mental health treatment facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her agency provides progressive and holistic treatment to those impacted or within the criminal justice systems of New Mexico. Dr. Singh is also an integrative wellness coach and business consultant training people to find their dharma. Dr. Singh's current research is on prison based yoga programs, Karma Yoga, and transformation phenomenon.
Patricia Singh